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AOL mail support is a free electronic email service. We get this service from AOL, a dissection of Verizon Communications. At times, we consider it as AIM Mail. Where we call AIM as “AOL Instant Messenger”. AIM was famous from the late 1990s to the late 2000s in North America. Verizon Communication came with an achievement of AOL on 23rd June 2015. Verizon Communication united AOL mail as well as Yahoo into its subsidiary Oath in June 2017. Once universal, AOL mail support has advanced into such a punchline, to the point that the ownership of a dynamic deliver is perhaps going to bring about numerous a fun loving joke.

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AOL Mail, ‘Project Phoenix’: It looks a great deal like Gmail’s edge, with a couple of additional extravagant accessories. There’s a “brisk bar” at the best to direct short messages, texts (which fly up in extremely Google Chat-like windows), and instant messages. A sidebar of “shrewd view” content sneak peaks connected documents and maps of areas point by point in the message (AOL delegates guaranteed that these reviews just appear from affirmed contacts). Maybe more strangely, you can connect extra in-boxes from mail suppliers like

Gmail and Hotmail–¬† in a perfect world, other non-email in-boxes, as Facebook messages, might have the capacity to appear here at some point – and you furthermore don’t want to have a in your AOL mail area. Other areas AOL bid in the beta rendition unite (a shortening of its great “you have mail”),,, and

AOL has two categories:

  1. Free of cost
  2. It is with cost

Characteristics of AOL Mail support: AOL mail support includes Spam and virus guard. It has featured of spell inspection. AOL mail has 25 MB accessory limit. You can linkage it with email accounts i.e. delivered by Gmail and Hotmail. If you disable your account for 90 days, after 90 days, you will not see it again as it would be deactivated. After 180 days of deactivating, you would see it as deleted.

AOL Mail is free of cost:, noticeably, is free. It used to be a payment benefit, yet has been free for a significant length of time. You can get to the, read the greater part of its substance, and check your email without paying a dime. On the off chance that you as of now pay for a record, nonetheless, AOL will keep on billing you. Also, clearly, that makes AOL LOT of cash. Facilities of AOL mail, you may enjoy: You can get support by mail, phone, chat, social media and AOL MyBenifits.

  • Support by mail:

You can get support by email. You must enter your email through which you can get an email message.

  • Support by phone:

To get support on urgent bases, you can call 1-888-927-9777 we are available¬†here 24×7.

  • Support by chat:

You get online chat support also 24×7.

  • Support by social media:

If you have any issue, you can take support through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Support by AOL MyBenifits:

This support is just for paid members.

You can get 24/7 support.